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The art of Water Gardening has become a very popular hobby... for both the home owner who builds an in-ground pond or the container water gardener.

This fascinating and little understood hobby is really not all that complicated. Any one can learn to water garden.

A water feature can be created in any yard... large or small. 
Don't have a yard... you can successfully water garden in a container!

Today's high tech pond liners, pumps and filters take much of the effort out of water gardening. With a few weekends of work... and a  visit to your local garden center... you can have a pond up and running in no time.

Once your new pond stabilizes... it's time to add aquatic life such as Koi.
Larger Garden Centers will have a good selection of fish that can be added to your pond. 

Your backyard pond will attract and benefit other types of wildlife like butterflies, birds and frogs. I had a friend who had a pair of ducks visit her large pond on a daily basis.

As the sun sets on a long day of work... your back yard pond can be a great place to relax... and let the stress of the day pass by.

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