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Common name: "Fordhook Bush Lima Beans"
Latin name:
Phaseolus spp

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Plant date: 2 weeks after danger of frost has passed
1 - 2 weeks
3" - 4"
Crop time:
75 days
Start from:
Container grow-able:
Bean beetles or mites
Water: Pictured: 
"Fordhook" is a Bush type Lima Bean offered by Ferry Morse Seed. I don't like Lima beans but they say that this one is very flavorful. It grows 4" pods that are easy to shell, with each pod containing 2 or 3 Lima Beans. Like bush snap beans... bush Lima beans are harvestable 2 weeks sooner than pole Lima beans.

The Bed: Lima beans grow best in fertile, well drained soil with a PH to 6.5. Add a fresh layer of rich compost to the top soil, then till or spade the bed to loosen the soil and work in the compost. Rake level.

How to Grow: Do not pre-soak the seed. Plant seed 1 to 2 weeks after danger of frost has passed 1" deep, spaced 3" - 4" apart. Rows should be 18" - 24" apart. Don't water until the seed sprout. After germination water as need. Lima beans will require a bit more water than snap beans. High nitrogen fertilizers used on beans will reduce yield, as will shade.

Harvesting: Harvest when the beans are plump and fleshy in the pod. To dry Lima beans leave the plant in the ground until it turns yellow, then pull them and hang in a dry area until the pods are bone dry. 

Available Hybrids - Cultivars: From Ferry Morse - Fordhook 75 days, From Burpee - Improved, Baby Fordhook, Geneva, Jackson Wonder to name a few.

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