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Common name: "Pepper Jalapeno"
Latin name:
Capsicum spp

Jalapeno Peppers
Plant date: Plant after all danger of frost has passed 
12 - 21 days
20" - 24"
Crop time:
72 days
Start from:
Pre-started plants
Container grow-able:
Water: Pictured: Jalapeno Peppers
Photo: Missouri Botanic Gardens
"Jalapeno Peppers" are a Ferry Morse item. The Jalapeno is probably the best known, old time favorite hot pepper on the market. It produces 3" long pepper pods that are excellent for cooking, or eating fresh from the plant.

The Bed: Add a fresh layer of rich compost to the top soil, then till or spade the bed to loosen the soil and work in the compost. Rake level.

How to Grow: Plant Jalapeno Peppers after all danger of frost has passed. It's usually best to start with pre-started plants purchased at your local greenhouse or garden shop. 

Plant transplants when the soil has reached 60 degrees. The soil can be pre-warmed by covering with black plastic a week or two before planting. Space plants 20" to 24" apart in well drained soil in full sun. Water as needed. During the first few weeks of the growing season it is advantageous to cover small pepper plants with clear plastic or cut off milk jugs at night.

Harvesting: Harvest by cutting Jalapeno peppers from the plant when they have reached full size, or have changed color. Leaving Jalapeno peppers on the vine to full maturity can reduce yield.

Available Hybrids - Cultivars: All from Ferry Morse. Anaheim Chili 6" - 8" hot peppers, 78 days, California Wonder bell pepper 75 days, Cascabella small hot peppers 75 days, Cubanella sweet pepper 75 days, Jalapeno hot pepper 72 days, Long Thin Cayenne hot pepper 72 days, Poblano mild hot pepper 80 days, Serrano Chili very hot pepper 73 days, Sweet Banana 70 days, and Volcano Hybrid hot pepper 90 days.

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