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Common name: "Onion Evergreen Bunching"
Latin name:
Allium cepa

Onions - Allium cepa
Plant date: 3 - 4 weeks before last frost 
11 - 14 days

2" - 4"
Crop time:
60 days
Start from:
Seed or Sets

Container grow-able:
Water: Pictured: Red Onions
"Onion Evergreen Bunching" is a Ferry Morse seed. Often times called Scallions..."Evergreen Bunching" is one of the easiest Onions to grow, not to mention one of the fastest to harvest. 

The Bed: Add a fresh layer of rich compost to the top soil, then till or spade the bed to loosen the soil and work in the compost. Rake level.

How to Grow: Onions can be planted 3 - 4 weeks before last frost. They can be grown from seed or sets. To grow sets: Plant bulbs 2" to 3" deep, 2" - 4" apart. Rows should be 12" to 18" apart. To grow seed: Plant seed 1/4" deep with up to 3 seeds per drill, spaced 2" - 4" apart. Rows should be 12" to 18" apart. Thin seedlings to 4" apart when plants are 6" tall. Keep the soil moist... but not soggy. After germination water as needed. Successive crops of Scallions can be sown 2 - 3 weeks apart.

Harvesting: Scallions can be harvested 10 - 12 weeks after planting, or when the plants are about 12" tall. Bulbs can be harvested in the fall when they have reached 2" to 4" in diameter.

Available Hybrids - Cultivars: Granex Yellow 170 days, Burgundy 100 days, and Sweep Spanish Yellow Utah Jumbo 115 days, to name just a few.

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