Denver Plants

Put some eXcitement in your yard!

X-rated plants are selected for their ability to flourish in your yard with a limited amount of water. X-rated plants beautify your yard with plants suited to our climate. They will increase your gardening success... because you are using the right plants in the right place, all while conserving our precious resources by using less water.

X = Thrives in slightly dry conditions
XX = Thrives in dry conditions
XXX = Thrives in very dry conditions
Look for the X-Rated Gardening logo above at your local Garden Center... it's your sign to successful gardening.

The following list of plants is brought to you by the independent Garden Centers of Colorado... and Denver Plants
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 X-Rated Perennials
X - Rated XX - Rated XXX - Rated
Bellflower Aster Blanket Flower
Barren Strawberry Balloon Flower Blue Flax
Blue Star - Amsonia Basket of Gold Butterfly Weed
Bugleweed - Ajuga Bearded Iris California Fuchsia
Candytuft Blackberry Lily Chocolate Flower
Columbine Black-eyed Susan Cushion Spurge
Corsican Violet Bugloss Evening Primrose
Dead Nettle Catmint Fringed Sage
Delphinium Chamomile Globe Thistle
Edelweiss Cinquefoil Golden Paper Flower
English Ivy Creeping Phlox Hardy Four O'clock
Fireweed Creeping Thyme Hardy Cactus
Foxglove Day Lily Jupiter's Beard
Gayfeather  English Lavender Mount Atlas Daisy
Hardy Geranium False Indigo Partridge Feather
Lady's Mantle False Sunflower Penstemon
Lenten Rose Fleabane Poppy Mallow
Lungwort Garden Mums Prairie Cone Flower
Maltese Cross Goldenrod Pussytoes
Painted Daisy Geum 1Russian Sage
Periwinkle Hardy Baby's Breath Sea Holly
Pigsqueak Hardy Bachelor Button Statice - Sea Lavender
Plantain Lily Hardy Gazania Sulfur Flower
Purple Cone Flower Hardy Salvia Sun drops
Purple Leaved Euonymus Hen and Chicks Whirling Butterflies
Saint John's Wort Himalayan Border Jewel 1
Self Heal Hollyhock 1
Shasta Daisy Hyssop 1
Sneezeweed  Ice Plant 1
Sweet Woodruff Jacob's Ladder 1
Soapwort Jerusalem Sage 1
Spiderwort Lamb's Ear 1
Tickseed Lavender  Cotton 1
Verbena Leadwort 1
Windflower  Mountain of Gold 1
Yellow Archangel Oregano - Marjoram 1
1 Pasque Flower 1
1 Peony 1
1 Pincushion Flower 1
1 Pinks - Dianthus 1
1 Poppy 1
1 Red Hot Poker 1
1 Red Pincushion 1
1 Rock Cress 1
1 Rose Campion 1
1 Rose Mallow 1
1 Sandwort 1
1 Sea Pink 1
1 Sedum - Stonecrop 1
1 Siberian 4 Get Me Not 11
1 Silver Sage 1
1 Snow Daisy 1
1 Starflower 1
1 Sun Daisy 1
1 Sun Rose 1
1 Tree Mallow 1
1 Twinspur Coral Canyon 1
1 Veronica  1
1 White Sage 1
1 Yarrow 1


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