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Common name: "Chocolate Mint"
Latin name:
Mentha piperita species

Chocolate Mint - Mentha piperita
Zone: 3 - 7 Perennial  

Native to area:
No, introduced from Europe

Growth habit:
Spreading groundcover. 24" - 36" in height and 36" in width

Flowers: Yes, tubular pink flowers during summer.

Companion plant-able:
Water: Pictured Herb: Chocolate Mint
Mentha piperita spp
Herbs Cultural information: Mint's are very easy to grow. They readily make themselves at home in full sun to partial shade in moist fertile soil. 

Most gardeners don't have any trouble growing Chocolate Mint, they have trouble containing it. Chocolate Mint should be harvested frequently or cut back to keep the plant it looking its best. Remove older woody plants to allow newer younger plants to fill in. At the end of the growing season cut plants back to ground level.

Uses: Aromatic, Cosmetic, Culinary, Medicinal and Ornamental
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Harvesting & Storage: All of the plants in the Mentha family are best used fresh... but they can be dried or frozen. Chocolate Mint is very hardy and can be harvested as soon as new growth appears in the spring. 

Young new growth is the most fragrant and flavorful, but all leaves are edible. Hang small bunches upside down in a dry, dark, warm area to dry. Leaves can be dried on paper or on screens. Store dried leaves in an air tight container.

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