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Common name: "American Ginseng"
Latin name:
Panax quinquefolius

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Zone: 4 - Annual
Native to area:
Growth habit:
Upright plant 6" to 18" in height.
Flowers: Yes, but not here.
Companion plant-able:
Herbs Cultural information: "Ginseng" is very difficult to grow... hence it high price. 

Ginseng seed needs to be stratified in the cold for several months before they will germinate. The soil in the garden needs to be very acidic to even have a chance at getting "Ginseng" to grow. Well we've probably talked you out of it trying to grow Ginseng... so we'll just quite here.

Uses: Medicinal 
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Harvesting & Storage: Ginseng can be harvested after 3 to 9 years... so it might be best to just pick some up at the grocery store.

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