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List of Houseplants from African Fern Pine thru Crown of Thorn.

Common names A Common names B Common names C
African Fern Pine
African Mask
African Violet
Airplane Plant
Algerian Ivies

Anthurium Flowering
Aloe Vera
Aluminum Plant
Amate® Bush
Amazon Lily

Arrow Head  - Pink
Arrow Head  - White

Aralia - Balfour
Aralia - Black
Aralia - Castor
Aralia - Celery Leaf
Aralia - Chicken Gizzard
Aralia - Fabian
Aralia - False
Aralia - Ming

Areca Palm
Asparagus - Meyerii
Asparagus - Retrofractus
Asparagus - Sprengeri
Australian Brush Cherry

Autumn Plant
Aluminum Plant
Bamboo Palm
Banana Croton

Angel Wing
Iron Cross
Benjamin Ficus
Bird Nest Fern
Bird Nest Sanseveria
Bird of Paradise - Orange
Bird of Paradise - White

Black Gold
Black Velvet
Blue Agave
Boston Compacta
Boston Fern

Bottle Brush Fern
Braided Ficus

Burgundy Rubber Plant
Burly Marx
Burro's Tail
Butterfly Palm
Calamondin Orange
Calathea - Ornata
Calathea - Roseo Picta
Calathea - Rufibarba

Cast Iron Plant
Cast Iron Variegated
Cardboard Palm
Castor Aralia
Century Plant

Chestnut Vine
China Doll
Chinese Evergreen
Chinese Evergreen Hybrid
Chinese Fan Palm
Christmas Cactus

Column Cactus
Coral Berry
Corn Plant
Combination Plants
Copper Leaf
Creeping Fig
Crown of Thorn
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