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Common name: "Spineless Yucca Cane" 
Latin name:
Yucca elephantipes - syn Yucca guatemalensis

Yucca Cane - Yucca elephantipes
Native to: Mexico

Growth habit:
An upright woody bush with firm pointy leaves. Indoors usually under 8' in height and 5' in width. The pictured plant is a 30"/15" Yucca cane.

Yes, but unsightly. 

Normal indoor temps

Not critical.

Pests: Not effected by many pests. 
Pictured Houseplant: 
10" Yucca Cane
Houseplant Cultural information: This is the cane form of "Spineless Yucca Cane". Notice the heads of the plant are at varying heights. The plants are available in several cane lengths such as 3/2/1, 4/3/2 or 5/4/3/2. For example 3/2/1 means that the pot has one cane at 3', one at 2', and one that is 1' tall. This form of Yucca is tall and columnar... great for corners and narrow areas.

Care is identical to Yucca Bush.

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