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Common name: "Swedish Ivy"
Latin name:
Plectranthus australis

Swedish Ivy - Plectranthus australis
Native to: Australia
Growth habit:
When young the plant grows upright, as it matures it becomes a trailing ground cover.
Yes, clusters of small white, insignificant  flowers. 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Not effected by many pest. 
Pictured Houseplant: 
8" Swedish Ivy Hanging Basket
Houseplant Cultural information: "Swedish Ivy" was very popular in the late 70's and thru the 80's. Once again... it is becoming popular.

"Swedish Ivy" requires some direct... filtered sunshine to keep a compact full appearance. In lower light levels the plant will still grow... but it will tend to stretch. Checking for watering may be difficult because most plants are grown in hanging baskets and it's hard to get your finger in the soil. Let's learn how to water this plant by weight or appearance. Be sure your plant was recently watered when you purchased it and note it's weight. Check your plant 3 times per week until you figure out the water schedule. When your plant is light in weight... it's time to water. You'll also notice your "Swedish Ivy" will start to loose it's glossy dark green appearance. This means it's time to water. You may need to water your plant twice to get the entire soil ball wet. Propagation is easy. Root cuttings in a container of water, vermiculite, or moist potting soil.

"Swedish Ivy" is readily available as small starter plants, 6" and 8" upright plants and 6",8" and 10" hanging baskets.

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