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Common name: "Neon Pothos" or "Pothos Goldilocks" 
Latin name:
Scindapsus aures  spp - syn Epipremnum aurem

Neon Pothos - Goldilocks
Native to: Man made or sport
Growth habit:
A low growing vining or climbing variety generally not over 18" in height. Vines can reach 6' in length.
Flowers: No 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Not effected by many pests. 
Pictured Houseplant: 
4" Neon Pothos
Houseplant Cultural information: "Neon" is the newest addition to the Pothos family of plants. It's bright chartreuse green foliage really stands out. 

This new plant took us some time to get used to. The first plants we saw reminded us of a plant in need of a serious fertilizing. We weren't quite sure what to think of them... now we love them. Place your plant in an area with bright filtered or indirect light. Water when the soil is dry to the touch on smaller plants. Water larger plants when the surface of the soil had dried down about an inch. Feed monthly with a balanced liquid plant food. If your plant becomes to long... just trim it back to the desired length. Root the cuttings in water or vermiculite.

"Pothos Neon" is somewhat difficult to locate. They are available in 4" containers and 8" hanging baskets.

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