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Common name: "Heart-leaf Philodendron" 
Latin name:
Philodendran cordatum - syn scandens, oxycardium

Heart-leaf Philodendron  - Philodendron cordatum
Native to: Southern Brazil
Growth habit:
A trailing or climbing plant. When grown unsupported usually not over 12" in height. Vines can reach over 6 foot in length.

Normal indoor temps
Not critical.

Pests: Not effected by many pests. Occasionally the plant may get mealy bug.  
Pictured Houseplant: 
6" Heart Leaf Philodendron Pole
Houseplant Cultural information: Pictured is a 6" Philodendron cordatum on an 18" foam pole.

"Heart-leaf" Philodendron is probably one of the easiest house plants to grow. Place them nearly any where (except direct sun) and they will thrive. Allow the soil to dry about one inch from the surface before watering. Feed monthly with a balanced plant food. If your plant becomes leggy... just cut it back to the desired size. The cuttings are easily rooted in a container of water or vermiculite. Philo. Cordatum is readily available as small starter plants in 3" or 4" pots, 6" and 8" upright plants as well as hanging baskets.

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