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Common name: "Jacqueline Ficus" or "Variegated Ficus"
Latin name:
Ficus benjamina 'Jacqueline'

Ficus benjamina Jaqueline - Variegated Ficus
Native to: Man made
Growth habit:
An upright tree or bush to 10 feet in height and up to 5 foot in width.
Normal indoor temps Keep out of cold drafts.
Not critical.
Pests: Watch for scale.
Pictured Houseplant: 
6" Ficus Jacqueline Bush
Houseplant Cultural information: Variegated Ficus such as this one are more difficult to keep than the solid green varieties. Place your plant in an area with at least one half day of direct sunshine. If your plant is against a wall, rotate the plant every few days. Keep from cold drafts. Allow the surface of the soil to dry to the touch between waterings. Water with tepid water. Feed monthly if the plant is actively growing... bi-monthly otherwise. 

There are several varieties of variegated Ficus available in many different forms... such as bushes, braids, trees, knots and grown on rocks. Your local garden center should have a good selection in stock.

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