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Common name: "Warneckei Lemon Lime" or "Yellow Stripe"
Latin name:
Dracaena deremensis 'Warneckei Lemon Lime"

Dracaena deremensis Warneckei Lemon Lime
Native to: Man made
Growth habit:
A upright columnar plant generally 12" to 24" wider than it's container. 
Yes, when chilled. 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Watch for mealy bug.
Pictured Houseplant: 10" Dracaena Warneckei Lemon Lime
Cultural information: This beautiful... brightly colored plant is Dracaena 'Warneckei Lemon Lime'. It's not often that a colorful plant will tolerate low light. "Lemon Lime" is a slow grower and will not reach the heights of it's cousin... Dracaena Warneckei

Place your "Lemon Lime" in filtered or indirect lighting. Early morning or late evening sun is ok. Check your plant weekly for watering. Allow the surface soil to dry 2" or 3" in larger containers... 1" to 2" in smaller containers. Feed your plant once a year... Dracaenas don't require much fertilizer. For a great eBook on Care of your Dracaenas... look here.

'Warneckei Lemon Lime' is available in 6" pots thru 14" specimens at your local Garden Center.

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