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Common name: "Desert Rose" or "Impala Lily"
Latin name:
Adenium obesum - synonym Adenium arabicum

Desert Rose - Adenium obesum arabicum
Native to: Africa and The Arabian Peninsula.
Growth habit:
A compact upright woody succulent indoors usually not over 24" in height or 18" in width.
Yes, plants with red, pink or white flowers.
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Not effected by many pests. 
Pictured Houseplant: 
8" Desert Rose
Cultural information: "Desert Rose" is an easy care... low maintenance, table top plant that flowers occasionally throughout the year. With it's thick, unique woody trunk, this interesting plant is the perfect addition to any plant collection.

For your plant to produce flowers it will need to be placed where it will  receive some filtered, direct sunshine for at least a few hours every day. To low of lighting equals... no flowers. Since this slow growing plant is a succulent that stores water in it's trunk it won't need regular waterings. Allow the soil to become fairy dry... but not "bone" or "dust" dry between waterings. Feed bi-monthly with a balanced liquid plant food. When repotting always use a shallow container.

"Desert Rose" should be available at your local garden center in 4", 6" and 8" containers. Most plants are potted in a shallow containers.  "Desert Rose"...  makes an excellent gift plant.

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