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Common name: "China Doll"
Latin name:
Radermachera sinica

China Doll - Radermachera sinica
Native to: India to China, the Philippines and Java. 
Growth habit:
An upright columnar bush. 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Watch for aphids on the new growth.
Pictured Houseplant: 6" China Doll
Houseplant Cultural information: "China Doll" is a beautiful, fast growing houseplant with soft, delicate looking glossy green foliage. It is botanically known as Radermachera sinica.

When you first purchase a China Doll plant at the nursery it is full and compact. As time goes on the fast growing China Doll plant tends to become a bit weedy and stretched looking. This is because when the plant was new it was treated with a growth regulator by the grower to slow the China Doll's growth, and to help the plant maintain a compact shape.

Eventually the China Doll plant will become leggy as the growth regulator wears off. Just cut the plant back to where ever you like. Since the China Doll plant now has less foliage, cut back on the frequency of watering a bit. Increase watering again as the new foliage begins to develop. China Doll cuttings are very difficult to root, so just add them to the compost pile.

Keep your China Doll plant in very bright natural light just shy of full sun. East, south and west windows should do nicely. Heated sunrooms and greenhouses are also excellent locations for a China Doll plant.

Check the China Doll plant for water three times per week until you become accustomed to the plants water needs. Keep the soil moist, occasionally allowing the soil dry down to near wilting point. Allowing the plant to dry down will help prevent Fungus Gnats from calling the China Doll's soil home. When watering it is important to water all the way around the plant. This prevents the soil from developing dry spots which in turn will cause leaf loss. Water until liquid freely runs from the pots drainage holes. Remove excess water from the drip try to help prevent root rot.

Feed the China Doll plant monthly with Peter's Houseplant Special when the plant is actively growing. Feed bi-monthly when inactive.

Common houseplant pests can include: Aphids, Foliar Mealy Bugs and Spider mites.

China Dolls are available in bush form in 3" and 4" starter plants to large 10" floor plants. A healthy China Doll should have plenty of foliage from the top to the bottom of the plant. A plant that is leggy at the bottom has been neglected and should be avoided.

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