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Common names: Calamondin Orange - Miniature Orange Tree
Latin name:
Citrofortunella microcarpa

Calamondin Orange - Minature Orange Tree - Citrofortunella microcarpa
Native to: Man made cross
Growth habit:
An upright tree. Indoors the houseplant usually won't grow over 3' in height or width. 
Yes, the white flowers are very fragrant. 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Watch for aphids and spider mites.
Pictured Houseplant: 6" Calamondin Orange
Houseplant Cultural information: Calamondin Oranges are a fun plant to grow. They are really pretty easy to keep providing you give them lots of light. The fruit is edible and very tart. Do not eat the fruit of a newly acquired plant. There may still be some chemicals in the plant that were used during production at the nursery. The next crop of fruit your Calamondin Orange tree grows should be safe to eat.

Place Miniature Orange trees in a minimum of least one half day of direct sunshine for optimum growth. The more sun the better. South facing windows, heated sunrooms or greenhouses are best. If your mini orange tree receives enough sunshine it should flower at least twice a year and produce fruit each time it flowers. 

Notice the picture above... the surface soil of the plant on the left is dark in color and does not need water, the soil in the plant on the right is light in color and is in need of water. Calamondin Oranges can consume a lot of water, so check your plant frequently until you become familiar with its needs. In high light and warm temperatures it may need to be watered 2 or 3 times per week. Water thoroughly until water flows from the drainage holes. After watering remove the excess water from the drip tray within 24 hours.

Feed monthly while the Mini Orange tree is actively growing with a high acid fertilizer like Miracid® made by Miracle-Gro®. It the plant is inactive, lightly feed every three months.

Propagation is very difficult in our dry climate and not recommended.

Common houseplant pests can include: Aphids, Foliar Mealy bugs, Scale or Spider mites.

Miniature Calamondin Orange trees are usually available year round  1 gallon pots and 10" containers.

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