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Common names: "African Mask"
Latin name:
Alocasia x Amozonica "Poly"

Alocasia Amozonica Poly - African Mask
Native to: Man made hybrid
Growth habit:
An upright houseplant usually not over 24" in height or width.
Yes, very unusual.
Normal indoor temps
Will do best if kept on a pebble tray.
Pests: Keep an eye out for Spider mites.
Pictured Houseplant: 6" African Mask
Houseplant Cultural information: "African Mask" requires a little extra care to be successful with. They prefer a little more humidity than other plants... so keep them on a moist pebble tray. At best each main trunk of this plant will only produce 4 - 5 leaves at a time. Usually as a new leaf grows you may shed an older lower leaf. 

I've actually not been successful with African Mask plants in the past but this last year I saved a nearly dead one from life in the land fill that someone was throwing out. I attribute my new found success to used aquarium water. 

African Mask plants like bright filtered light, but not direct  sunshine. Strong sun will burn the leaves. My Alocasia Poly sits in an east facing above ground basement window and it loves it. Only problem is the Alocasia's beautiful leaves face the window... but the back side of the leaves still look pretty sharp too!

Watering can be tricky on African Mask plants. The more foliage you have the more water it needs. For example my nearly dead Alocasia I saved had only one leaf on it. With only one leaf it only needed water once every two weeks. Now my plant has 7 perfect leaves and dries down every 5 days.

City water is a known cause of leaf spotting on Alocasia African Mask. It is best to let your city water sit out for several days and let the chemicals dissipate before watering the plant. Another alternative is to buy distilled water, use reverse osmosis water, or do like I do and use aquarium water.

Fertilizers also contain chemicals which can spot the leaves of your African Mask plant. I recommend only feeding two or three times per year with a chemical feed. Fish emulsion is a better alternative for sensitive plants. With fish emulsion I'd feed every other month.

Common houseplant pests include: Aphids or Spider mites

African Mask is readily available in 6" and 8" containers.

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