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Common name: "Silver Queen" or "Chinese Evergreen"
Latin name:
Aglaonema sp

Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema Silver Queen
Native to: Man made
Growth habit:
A low growing plant usually not over 36" in height and 12" to 24" wider than it's container.
Yes, but unsightly
70 to 80 degrees
Not critical.
Pests: Watch for Mealy bug
Pictured Houseplant: 
10" Chinese Evergreen Silver Queen
Houseplant Cultural information: "Silver Queen" was once the staple Aglaonema  in the plant industry. Today it has all but been replaced by the new hybrid Aglaonemas. One of the main problems with "Silver Queen" was it's low tolerance to cool or cold temperatures. At about 57 degrees the lower foliage will cold damage resembling a coffee stain. This presented a problem for growers and shippers... as well as building atrium owners when a cold front came thru. 

The plant is relatively easy to grow. Just keep it warm and out of direct sunshine. Check for water weekly allowing the soil to dry down about two inches. Fertilize only 3 or 4 times per year with Peter's Plant Food... available from our sponsors. Small plants can be planted in a fish tank. To do this remove the plant from the pot, wash all the soil from the roots, wash the foliage and plant them in your aquarium. They will live nearly a year submerged. Your fish will love them.

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