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Common name: "Snake Plant" or "Mother-in-Law Tongue" 
Latin name:
Sanseveria trifasciata 'Laruentii'

Snake plant - Mother's in Law Tounge - Sanseveria laruentii
Native to: East Zaire

Growth habit:
A columnar plant with leaves that grow nearly vertical... generally not extending much beyond the diameter of it's container.

Yes, but unsightly.

Normal indoor temps

Not critical.

Pests: Not really affected by many pests.
Pictured Houseplant: 
10" Snake Plant
Houseplant Cultural information: "Snake plants" are so diverse and easy to grow. They can be placed nearly any where except total darkness. In full sun they may bleach or loose some of their coloration. Check for water weekly... allowing about 1/3 of the soil mass to dry between waterings. The most common problem with this plant is over-watering. Feed bi-monthly with Peter's Plant Food. Sanseverias are available from small starter plants to five foot specimens. Propagate by dividing the plant. Their are over 30 varieties of Snake plants. 

"Snake plants" are readily available from small 3" starter plants to large and heavy specimens in 14" containers.

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