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Common name: "Bird Nest Sanseveria"
Latin name:
Sanseveria hahnii

Bird Nest Sanseveria - Sanseveria hahnii
Native to: Man made
Growth habit:
A compact low growing plant whose leaves will only extend a few inches beyond the container.
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Not effected by many pests.
Pictured Houseplant: 
4" Bird Nest Sanseveria
Houseplant Cultural information: These two little gems are really easy to grow. The plant on the left is Golden Hahnii... the variegated form, and the plant on the right is Green Hahnii. Golden Hahnii will require a little brighter light than the Green Hahnii... but neither plant needs strong sunshine. 

Both of the pictured plants grow very slowly and are generally only found as small plants. Water sparingly... allowing the surface soil to dry about 20% of the container depth before watering. Feed bi-monthly with a balanced liquid fertilize. Propagate by dividing the suckers from the main plant.

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