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Common name: "Devils Ivy" or "Golden Pothos"
Latin name:
Scindapsus aureus - syn Epipremnum aureum

Golden Pothos - Devils Ivy - Scindapsus aureus
Native to: Solomon Islands
Growth habit:
A low growing vining plant generally not over 18" tall unless grown on a pole. Vines can reach 10 feet in length. 
Normal indoor temps
Not critical.
Pests: Not affected by many pests, but I have seen Mealy Bug on rare occasion.
Pictured Houseplant: 
6" Golden Pothos Hanging Basket
Houseplant Cultural information: All of the family members of the Scindapsus or Pothos family are amongst the easiest houseplants to grow. Anybody can keep one alive and thriving, even those with a black thumb!

There are four main varieties of this very popular houseplant that is readily available; Pothos Gold, Pothos Marble Queen, Jade Pothos and the newer chartreuse green Neon Pothos. They are all equally easy to care for. 

When you first bring home a new Golden Pothos plant that was purchased from the local garden center, the plant will have an over abundance of leaves due to the excellent lighting conditions of the greenhouse. In the home or office environment lighting is not as good, so the Golden Pothos will naturally shed leaves during the acclimation process. Don't be to alarmed if your new Golden Pothos plant sheds 20 or 30 leaves during its first month at its new home.

Golden Pothos can be kept virtually anywhere in the home or office. If there is enough light to read by, you can grow a Golden Pothos in that location. About the only place a Golden Pothos won't thrive is full hot sun and total darkness.

Check the soil of a new Golden Pothos every few days for watering until you become familiar with the plants needs. When the surface soil has dried about 1/2" down it's time to water. Usually once a week. Water thoroughly all the way around the plant until water runs from the drainage holes. Excess water should be removed to help prevent root rot. Golden Pothos is not finicky about water quality, so regular tap water will be just fine.

Propagating Pothos is really easy. When the vines become unmanageable, trim them back to any where you like. The vines can be easily rooted in water or vermiculite. Once rooted, pot several vines together in any high quality houseplant potting soil available from our sponsor.

Fertilize Golden Pothos once a month when actively growing with Peter's House Plants Special. If inactive feed quarterly.

Golden Pothos is available from small starter plants in 3" pots to large hanging baskets. They are also grown on wood or foam totem poles in varying heights and several container sizes. 

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