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Common name: "Australian Brush-Cherry"
Latin name:
Eugenia myrtifolia

Eugenia myrtifolial topiary - Australian Brush Cherry
Native to: Australia

Growth habit:
These tall and narrow plants are usually as wide as their container. Most plants are groomed into topiaries in 1,2 or 3 ball configurations. Bush forms are about 6" to 12" wider than their container. Large specimens are available in heights of 6 to 8 feet.

Yes, very beautiful. See inset image.

Normal indoor temps

Not critical.

Pests: Watch for aphids on new growth.
Pictured Houseplant: 
10" Eugenia 3 Ball Topiary
Cultural information: These formal plants look great placed on either side of an entry way. Try elevating them for even more appeal. They rarely bloom... but when they do you'll be rewarded with an amazing flower that looks like a fiber optic lamp. The flower will then turn into a red cherry that is not edible.

Eugenia's can't tolerate direct sunshine outdoors in our dry climate. When using them outdoors place them in an area the gets morning sun or late day sun only. Used indoors they can be placed in direct sunshine as it is filtered through glass. In bright light they can consume a lot of water. Learn the water needs of your plant by watching the foliage. As it looses it glossy appearance or begins to wilt... it's time to water. Feed monthly thru the spring and summer... bi-monthly during the winter. Eugenia's are usually found in larger pot sizes in either a bush or cone form, and topiaries with either one, two or three ball configurations. Propagation is difficult.

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