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Common name: "Primrose"
Latin name:
Primula species

Flowering Primrose - Primula
Native to: Most plants are man made hybrids.
Growth habit:
A low growing indoor or outdoor plant usually not over 8" in height or 8" in width.
Temps: Normal indoor temps
Not critical
Pests: Watch for white fly.
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant: 
4" Potted Primrose
Cultural information: The Primrose family contains well over 100 varieties of plants that are used as indoor flowering house plant and outdoor garden plants. 

When selecting a Primrose look for a plant that in not fully flowering. A Primrose plant with a few open flowers and several tight buds is a better buy over a plant that is fully flowering. Place your indoor Primrose in a well lit area that is not excessively warm. Usually your plant will be potted in a small container... so check it for water two or three times per week. When your plant blooms out it may be planted outdoors providing we haven't reached freezing temperatures.

Primrose plants are readily available in the early spring and fall at your local Garden Center. They will have plants in individual pots as well as plastic packs.

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