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Common name: "Paper White" Narcissus or "Paper Whites"
Latin name:
Narcissus species

Paper White Narcissus
Native to: Man made hybrids
Growth habit:
An indoor upright grass like bulb plant
Temps: Provide a cool location out of direct sunshine or heating ducts
Not critical
Pests: Watch for
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant: Paper White Narcissus
Cultural information: "Paper White Narcissus" are one of the smaller flowered Narcissus that belong to the Jonquilla cultivar. Their bright white flowers are quiet fragrant and make excellent temporary indoor flowering house plants. 

While out taking photos of plants for this web site we discovered that you don't have to buy a Paper White Narcissus in a pot. The oldest Garden Center in Denver (City Floral) grows Paper White Narcissus in a flat (pictured above) and sells them by the bulb.

When shopping for flowering Paper Whites look for plants that stand tall and erect with dark green foliage. Plants with a wilty or yellowed appearance indicate that the Narcissus has gotten to dry. Try to select a plant with tight blossoms, as you'll be able to enjoy your new Narcissus plant... longer.

Once you get your new Paper White to the house or office place them in bright indirect light away from heat sources, such as TV's or heat ducts. Heat will speed up the natural flowering process shortening the life span of your plant. Paper Whites are usually potted in a sandy soil which provides excellent drainage for your flowering plant. Water your Narcissus plant every couple of days. Be sure to set your plant in a saucer or drip tray to catch the water that is sure to run out.  Fertilizing is not necessary as Paper White Narcissus are a disposable indoor flowering house plant. Once your Paper White has finished flowering just replace it with a new flowering plant. Forced bulbs will not re-flower if planted outdoors.

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