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Common name: "Purple Leaf Shamrock"
Latin name:
Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis

Purple Leaf Shamrock - Oxalis regnellii triangularis
Native to: 
Growth habit:
Compact upright indoor plant to 8" in height and 8" - 12" in width depending upon how many bulbs have been planted.
Temps: Normal indoor temps
Not critical
Pests: Aphids or White Fly on plants leaves
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant: 
6" Purple Leaf Shamrock
Cultural information: Shamrock plants are quite popular for Saint Patrick's Day. Indoor potted Shamrock plants are grown from small bulbs. 

After you have had your Shamrock plant for a month or two it will start declining in appearance. Don't worry you didn't do anything wrong, it just the nature of the plant. Similar to your outdoor Tulip bulbs, the plant needs to rest. After its resting period it will come back to life again. In most cases when indoor potted Shamrocks decline... they are discarded and a new indoor flowering house plant is purchased.

Indoors place your Shamrock plant in bright indirect light. Keep the soil moist fertilizing only once while the plant is still vibrant looking. Eventually your plant will start to decline in health. It is possible to re-grow your plant but first it must go dormant. Stop watering the Oxalis and allow all the leaves to naturally dry up and fall off. Don't pick the leaves off trying to speed the process. Once the leaves have dried and fallen off move your Shamrock plants to a cool dark area for a 4 week dormancy period. After 4 weeks return your plant to its original place in the house or office. Water and fertilize your Shamrock and new growth should begin to emerge.

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