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Common name: Gloxinia
Latin name:
Sinningia speciosa spp

Gloxinias - Sinningia speciosa
Native to: Man made hybrid

Growth habit:
An upright indoor plant usually not over 12" in height or width.

Temps: Normal indoor temps
Not critical

Pests: Watch for spider mites on the undersides of the plants leaves.
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant: 
6" Gloxinia
Cultural information: Gloxinias are sometimes called Florist Gloxinia. Today nearly all flowering Gloxinias available at your local Floral Shop or Garden Center are hybrids. Gloxinias were originally native to Brazil and other parts of South America. The large bell shaped flowers of Gloxinias come in varying shades of blues, pinks and purples.

Indoors place your new Gloxinia in bright indirect lighting. Full sun may burn the slightly furry leaves. Water when the soil has dried 1/2" to 1" from the surface. Avoid splashing water on the leaves as this may cause spotting. Indoors feed monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Remove spent Gloxinia flowers as they appear. 

When your Gloxinia plant stops flowering... just be patient it will soon be flowering again.

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