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Common name: "Gerber Daisy"
Latin name:
Gerbera spp

Potted Gerbera Daisy
Native to: Originally Africa, Madagascar and Asia. Today most are man made hybrids.
Growth habit:
A low growing upright indoor flowering plant usually not over 18" in height or width.
Temps: Normal indoor temps
Not critical
Pests: Watch for aphids or spider mites.
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant: 
4" Gerbera Daisies
Cultural information: Pictured above are three 4" pots of "Gerber Daisy". They make great indoor flowering house plants. Gerber Daisies long lasting flowers were named after Traugott Gerber... a German naturalist.

Indoors place your Gerber Daisy in bright indirect or filtered light. Avoid abnormally warm areas in the house or office. Keep the soil moist allowing the soils surface to dry slightly between waterings.

There is no need to feed your Gerber Daisy plants. After the last flowers are spent... discard the plants and purchase a new indoor flowering house plant.

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