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Common name: "Flowering Mums" or "Chrysanthemums"
Latin name:
Chrysanthemum sp

Chrysantehmums - Flowering Pot Mums
Native to: Most plants are now man made hybrids.
Grown for:
Their beautiful long lasting flowers.
Normal indoor temps.
Not critical
Pests: Usually not a problem. Watch for aphids and thrip on plants leaves.
Pictured Potted Flowering Plant:
6" Chrysanthemum Pot Mum
Cultural information: The word Chrysanthemum comes from two Greek words... chrysos meaning "gold" and anthos meaning "flower".

There are at least  two dozen varieties and colors of indoor flowering pot mum plants available at your local garden center or floral shop. The pictured Mum plant is called "Copper Piano". 

Most Chrysanthemums these days are purchased as a disposable indoor flowering house plant. Enjoy the beautiful flowers during the four to six week period that they are flowering, then replace them with a new flowering plant. Don't bother to plant the spent Mums in the yard because they won't grow back next year, they'll freeze over the winter. The Mums you see growing outdoors are an entirely different kind of Chrysanthemum called winter hardy fall mums.

Indoor pot Mums can be substantial water drinkers... check for watering 3 to 4 times per week. Do not allow the pot to sit in water for more than one day, or display in direct sunshine. There is no need to fertilize the Mum plant while it is flowering. 

When shopping for mums... be sure to find out if the plant was Colorado Grown. Mums produced in our state will last longer than the mums found at the supermarket that have been shipped in from out of state.

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