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Common name: "Split-leaf Philodendron" or "Monstera"
Latin name: 
Philodendron pertusum - synonym P. monstera

Philodendron Monstera - Split Leaf
Native to: Southern Mexico

Useful as:
A large filler or background green
5 - 7 days

Dries well:
Available: Year round
Pictured: Philodendron monstera foliage
General Floral Greens Care: Keep the water in the vase of your Split Leaf Philodendron fresh. Replace the water every 3 days with cool water keeping the water level near the top of the vase. 

Re-cut 1/2" from the base of each Monstera stem under water using a sharp knife with each water change. Remove any foliage that may become submerged after re-cutting.

Variety note: The "Split-leaf" Philodendron has been a popular house plant since the early 60's. Recently it has made its way into the floral trade as a large floral green. Philodendron monstera is used in tropical arrangements as a background or around the base of a large arrangements. I've also seen the leaves used as a placemat at tropical themed weddings. Philodendron Monstera leaves are available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. They can be purchased by the leaf or by the bunch

Add a commercial floral preservative such as AquaPlus or FloraLife to the vase that contains your Philodendron Monster with each water change. Floral preservative helps to prevent bacterial growth, control water clouding, and feeds your foliages insuring a longer vase life. 

If you run out of commercial flower preservative you can make your own fresh cut flower food mix 1/2 teaspoon of table sugar to a quart of cold water... mixing thoroughly.

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