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Common name: Galax leaves or "Lemon Leaf"
Latin name:
Galax urceolata

Galax urceolata leaves
Native to: South Eastern USA

Useful as:
A filler green or accent.

1 - 2 weeks as a fresh green.

Dries well:
Available: Year round
Pictured: Galax Leaves
General Floral Greens Care: Glossy green Galex leaves are quite sturdy and long lasting requiring little care. Often times Galex leaves will outlast the flowers they were arranged with.

Variety note: Galex is a sturdy small glossy dark green leaf that can measure 1.5" to 3.5" in circumference. Galex leaves are an excellent choice for covering unsightly areas of a fresh arrangement. They are usually sold 20 or more leaves per bunch, and are relatively inexpensive. The leaves can be curled or cut without sacrificing longevity. During the winter months if Galex becomes chilled the leaves may take on a reddish coloration or have reddish-bronze spots on the leaves.

In some parts of the country Galex is a popular gardening plant for shady areas. It produces a tall spike like racemes with white flowers similar to Veronica. Galex urcolata is winter hardy in zone 5 and above.

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