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Re-Flowering a Poinsettia... 
all it takes is a little Time and Patience

The holidays have passed... the decorations have been packed away. All that's left are some great memories and a Poinsettia. If your Poinsettia still looks good you deserve a pat on the back... and your ready for the next step.

Re-flowering a Poinsettia...

Re-flowering a Poinsettia is really quite simple. All it takes is a little time and patience.

If you loose interest in the project some where along the way... don't feel bad, your in the company of others. Re-flowering a Poinsettia requires some dedication and effort.

The first step in getting your Poinsettia to re-flower is to provide the plant with excellent care during the holidays. After the holidays place your Poinsettia near a sunny window or in a heated sun room.

Poinsettia Plum Pudding BractsCome February the bracts may start to fade. The bracts are the colorful part of a Poinsettia. They're actually modified leaves. Their original purpose was to attract pollinators. The insignificant cluster in the center of the bract is the flower. This flower cluster is called the Cyathia.

During March the bracts may start to dry out and fall off. Don't be alarmed... this is normal. Just continue to care for the plant as you have in the past.

Poinsettia After Cutting BackPoinsettia Before Being Cutting BackCome April it is time to give your Poinsettia a hair cut. April 15th is the ideal date. Cut your plant back leaving 6" of stems and leaves above the soil line.

Pictured on the left is a Poinsettia before I cut it back. On the right is the same plant after I cut it back. The stems will bleed a bit of white sap that may irritate sensitive skin.

Time to start Feeding...

During May you should begin to start feeding the Poinsettia with either a balanced 20/20/20 or 20/10/20 plant food at a rate of one teaspoon per gallon. Fertilize the plant every third watering.

Poinsettia Root SystemIn June check to see if your Poinsettia needs re-potting. Remove the plant from the pot. If there is a mass of roots filling the soil ball your Poinsettia needs moved to the next size larger pot. The pictured plant is not quite ready for transplanting. We highly recommend using high quality potting soil from your local Garden Center. Increase your fertilizer applications to every other watering.

July continue to water and feed your Poinsettia. Be sure to keep the plant in a sunny area.

In August its time for a second hair cut. This time cut the new growth back to 3" to 4" leaving a few leaves per stem. Don't cut the plant where you cut it in April. Continue watering and feeding as needed.

Fooling Mother Nature...

From the middle of September to the first of December its time to begin altering your Poinsettias photoperiod. At 5PM place your Poinsettia in total darkness until 8AM. Before you leave for work in the morning move the plant back to a sunny window. Repeat this process until the bracts begin to color up. Continue watering and feeding as usual. Come December stop fertilizing and move your re-flowered Poinsettia to its display area.

May you have a happy and prosperous new year!

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