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Common name: Potted Tulips
Latin name:
Tulipa species

Potted Dutch Tulips - Tulipa
Native to: Man made hybrids
Grown for:
Temporary indoor flowering plant

Provide a cool location away from direct sunshine or heating ducts.
Not critical
Pests: None
Pictured: Potted Tulip
Potted Bulbs Cultural information: There are literally hundreds of varieties of Tulips available for our outdoor flower beds. For indoor pot forcing we are limited to a handful of beautiful selections. Potted Tulips are available at your local Colorado Garden Center or Floral Shop from January thru March.

When shopping for potted Tulips look for plants with good green foliage with few or no brown or yellow tips. You'll want to select a Tulip with buds that are closed or just beginning to open. The tighter the flower buds... the longer you'll be able to enjoy them. The pictured plant is a perfect example of what to look for, it has four tight buds and two that are just beginning to open. 

Once you get your new Tulip home place it in bright indirect light away from heat sources, such as TV's or heat ducts. Heat will speed up the natural flowering process shortening the life span of your plant. Tulips are usually potted in a sandy soil which provides excellent drainage for your plant. Be sure to place your Tulip plant in a saucer or drip tray to catch the water that is sure to run out. Water your plant every couple of days. Fertilizing is not necessary.

Once your Tulip has finished flowering you can either discard it or plant your bulbs outdoors come spring. Pot forced Tulips will not flower again for two season when planted outdoors. 

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