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Common name: "Pansy"
Latin name:
Viola x wittrockiana 'Delta Tapestry'

Pansy Delta Tapestry
Class: Annual - Perennial
Growth habit:
Clump forming 
Max height:
4" - 6"
Spread: 4" - 6"
Flowers: Spring - Fall
Available cultivars: 1
Origin: Hybrid
Water: Pictured: Pansy 'Delta Tapestry'
Cultivation: Pansies and Violas are essentially the same plant. The only major difference between the two is that Pansy flowers are larger and produced in greater quantity. Pansies can usually be planted any time during the month of April... with Viola's following in late April to early May.

The 'Delta' series is a very large family of F1 hybrids. These spring flowering Pansies have medium-large flowers measuring 2.5" - 3" across. 'Delta Tapestry Mix' consists of Apricot, Pink, Primrose Rose, and Cream shades. 

Pansies and Violas are both cool season plants. This makes Pansies an ideal plant for high altitude gardens... as well as early and late season planting at lower elevations. Plant Pansy Delta Tapestry in any well drained fertile soil in full sun to partial shade in either beds or containers. Pansies grow best in moist soil, although they are fairly drought tolerant. 

Space Pansy plants 4" - 6" apart depending on how quickly you wish the area to fill in. Lightly mulching the plants is always beneficial. Fertilize monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Remove spent flowers to promote new flower growth. 

Potential pests ~ diseases: Aphids or mildews.

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