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Common name: "Nasturtium"
Latin name:
Tropaeolum speciosum 'Red Wonder'

Nasturtium Red Wonder
Class: Annual
Growth habit:
Mounded clump

Max height:
Spread: 16" - 18"

Flowers: Spring - Summer
Available cultivars: 15+

Origin: Hybrid
Originally South America
Water: Pictured: T. speciosum 'Red Wonder'
Cultivation: Nasturtium Red Wonder is easy to grow either from pre-started plants or from seed. Their seed is large and effortless to handle, but should be soaked in water for a few days before planting. Nasturtium 'Red Wonder' is a Proven Winners selection.

The colorful flowers and leaves are edible having a bit of a peppery taste. Nasturtium flowers are a great addition to liven up a salad or dinner plate. 

Plant Nasturtium Red Wonder in moist well drained soil in full sun to partial shade in either beds or containers. Nasturtium actually prefers poor soils. Rich fertile soils cause the plant to produce more foliage and fewer flowers. Fairly drought tolerant.

Potential pests ~ diseases:
Aphids or whiteflies.

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