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Common name: Petunia 
Latin name:
Petunia x hybrida Dreams™ 'Midnight'

Petunia Dreams Midnight
Class: Annual

Growth habit:

Max height:
10" - 15"

Spread: 12" - 18"

Flowers: All season 

Available cultivars: 9
Origin: Hybrid
Water: Pictured: Petunia 'Dreams Midnight'
Cultivation: Petunia Dreams™ 'Midnight' is a Grandiflora Petunia. All Petunias are broken down into classes or groups. Grandiflora's have the largest flowers... usually up to 4" across. They can be either single or double flowered. Their flowers are easily damaged by rain... lately that hasn't been a problem around here. 

The 'Dreams™ Series" is more weather tolerant than others. Some say that Grandiflora's are best planted in sheltered beds, in mixed containers or hanging baskets that can be moved or sheltered from rain. 
Nearly all Petunia's are easy to grow and quite vigorous growers.

Plant Petunia Dreams Midnight in full sun in any well worked soil in either containers or beds. Space plants 6" to 12" apart depending on how quickly you want the area to fill in. Plants can be sheared after the initial flowering to maintain bushiness and promote new flower growth... or they can be left un-sheared to grow naturally. Feed monthly with a liquid fertilizer.

Available colors: Appleblossom, Burgundy, Midnight, Neon Rose, Pink, Red, Rose, Salmon, White and Dreams™ mix.

Potential pests ~ diseases: Aphids or whiteflies.

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