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Common name: "Shrub Verbena"
Latin name:
Lantana camara 'Anne Marie'

Lantana Anne Marie
Class: Annual

Growth habit:
Upright shrub 

Max height:
12" - 16"

Flowers: Spring - Summer

Available cultivars: 20+

Origin: Hybrid
Water: Pictured: Lantana camara 'Anne Marie'
Cultivation: Lantana is an excellent choice for beds or containers. Attractive foliage is topped with vividly colored flowers. The foliage of some cultivars is lemon scented... other's may have prickly stems. The brightly colored flowers of Lantana are excellent for attracting hummingbirds and Butterflies.

Plant Lantana in full sun in moist, fertile well drained soil in either beds or containers. Lantana prefers moist soil, but is somewhat drought tolerant. Feed monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Remove spent flowers to promote new flower growth. 

All Lantana's contain a toxin that if ingested may cause stomach discomfort. Contact with foliage may irritate those with sensitive skin.

Potential pests ~ diseases:
Spider mites or whiteflies.

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