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Common name: "Treasure Flower" or "African Daisy"
Latin name:
Gazania ringens 'Kontiki Mix'

Gazania Kontiki Mix
Class: Annual

Growth habit:
Clump forming
Max height:
6" - 8"

Spread: 6" - 10"

Flowers: Summer - Fall

Available cultivars: 1

Origin: Hybrid
Water: Pictured: Gazania 'Kontiki Mix'
Cultivation: Gazania 'Kontiki Mix' is a dwarf, compact variety with large flowers that remain open longer than other Gazania's. They are easy to grow... providing the soil is well drained. 

The 3" to 4" flowers close each night, reopening the next morning providing the sun is shining. On cloudy days... the flowers only partially open. African Daisy flowers are excellent for cutting. Gazania's grown in containers can be moved indoors to a sun room or sunny window before first frost and held over until the following spring.

Plant Gazania Kontiki Mix in full sun in moist, fertile well drained soil in beds or containers. Gazania's prefer moist soils... but are quite drought tolerant. Poor drainage is most often the case of plant failure. Space plants 6" to 12" apart depending on how quickly you want the area to fill in. Fertilize monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. 

Potential pests ~ diseases:
Root rot if kept to wet.

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