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Common name: "Hybrid Pinks"
Latin name:
Dianthus chinensis 'Super Strawberry Parfait'

Dianthus chinensis Super Strawberry Parfait
Class: Annual
Growth habit:
Clump forming
Max height:
8" - 10"
Spread: 6" - 8"

Flowers: Spring - Summer
Available cultivars: 2

Origin: Hybrid
Originally Europe and China
Water: Pictured: Dianthus 'Strawberry Parfait'
Cultivation: The Super Parfait series of Dianthus has a compact growth habit that flowers earlier than other Dianthus varieties. Strawberry Super Parfait grows equally well in patio pots or beds. Spent flowers should be removed to promote new flower growth.

Plant Dianthus Strawberry Pink in full sun to light shade in fertile well drained soil. Poor drainage is most often the cause of plant failure. Space plants 8" apart. Feed every two weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer. 

The experts say that you should not  mulch Dianthus with wood chips or any organic mulching as it tends to transmit funguses to the plant. 

Available Colors: Raspberry Super Parfait and Strawberry Super Parfait.

Potential pests ~ diseases:

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