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Common name: "Dwarf Dahlia"
Latin name:
Dahlia hybrida 'Dahlietta Mix'

Dahlia Dahlietta Mix
Class: Annual - House plant
Growth habit:
Clump forming

Max height:
8" - 10"
Spread: 6" - 8"
Flowers: Spring - Summer
Available cultivars: 1
Origin: Hybrid
Water: Pictured: Dahlia 'Dahlletta Mix'
Cultivation: Dahlia's are a multi purpose flower. They can be grown outdoors in containers or beds... or kept indoors in a sunny location as a flowering house plant.

Plant Dahlias Dahlletta Mix in full sun to partial shade in fertile well drained soil. Dahlias are heavy feeders and benefit greatly from frequent light fertilizing. Feed Dahlia's weekly with a balanced liquid plant food. From spring to early summer use a high nitrogen feed... and from mid summer to first frost use a high potassium food. Remove spent flowers to promote new flower growth. 

Dahlias can be moved indoors before first frost to a sun room or sunny window that receives 6 hours of direct sunshine. 

Dahlia flowers are excellent for cutting, and attracting butterflies.

Potential pests ~ diseases:
Aphids, mildews or spider mites.

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