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Common name: "Periwinkle" or "Vinca"
Latin name:
Cataranthus roseus 'Victory Carmine'

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Class: Annual
Growth habit:
Max height:
6" - 8"
Spread: 6" - 8"
Flowers: Spring - Summer
Available cultivars: 7
Origin: Hybrid
Originally Madagascar
Water: Pictured: 
Cultivation: The 'Victory' series of Periwinkle is a line of very compact plants suitable for beds as edging, the annual rock garden... or grown in containers.  Tolerates heat and drought well. 

Plant Periwinkle Victory Carmine in full sun to partial shade in well drained soil either in beds or containers. Vinca will perform well in most any soil type so long as it drains. Space plants 6" to 8" apart depending on how quickly you want the area to fill in. Once the plants have become established, water them infrequently as Vinca is very drought tolerant. During times of drought the leaves may curl up... but they will un-curl again at night. Feed monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Available colors: Apricot, Carmine, Cranberry, Grape, Pure White, Purple, Red, and a Mixture.

Potential pests ~ diseases:

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