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Common names: "Trailing Snapdragon"
Latin name:
Antirrhinum majus 'Luminaire™  Pink'

Snapdragon Luminaire Pink
Class: Annual - Half hardy perennial
Growth habit:
Max height:
Spread: 8" - 10"
Flowers: Summer - 1st Frost
Available cultivars: 10
Origin: Hybrid
Originally the Mediterranean
Water: Pictured: Snapdragon Luminaire 'Pink'
Picture: © Ball Seed
Cultivation: The 'Luminaire'™ line of trailing "Snapdragons" are vigorous growers that readily re-seed themselves... appearing in the garden again the next season. They produce sizeable blooms in great abundance. The entire 'Luminaire'™ Snapdragon line is well suited to window boxes, hanging baskets, mixed containers, or cascading over walls. The flowers are good for cutting, and attracting hummingbirds as well as butterflies.

Plant Snapdragons in full sun to light shade in fertile well drained soil. Plants can be grown in beds... but because of their trailing nature, their better suited to containers. Space plants 8" to 10" apart. Fertilize every 2 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Available colors: Bronze-Yellow, Deep Purple, Deep Yellow, Harvest Red, Hot Pink, Orange-Yellow, Pink, Red, White Improved, and Yellow.

Potential pests ~ diseases:

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